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The Great Home Gym Handbook : A Quick Reference Guide to Home Gym ExercisesThis comprehensive little book covers a series of multi-station gym exercises to work out the whole body, including abdominals. Each exercise has a start and finish photo, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. A muscle diagram, showing the muscles being used to perform the exercise, accompanies each description. The Great Home Gym Handbook also shows you how to set-up your own exercise routine, as well as pointers on stretching, staying motivated, and safety….

The Great Home Gym Handbook (The Great Handbook Series 1)Turn in your health club membership for a home gym. Working out at home is a convenient way to exercise.In addition to 32 common home gym exercises for working your whole body, this handbook clearly explains how to set up a program to suit your goals. You also learn about safety, stretching, how to maintain your home gym and how to stay motivated. Handbook also features muscle anatomy diagrams….

The Great Balance and Stability HandbookAndre Noel Potvin, Chad Benson. The Great Balance and Stability Handbook contains exercises for core training products including balance cushions, wobble boards, the Extreme Balance Board and the BOSU Balance trainer….